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Testimonials and evidence

Hello, hello!

It’s Jona, the one the whale did not eat. No h. No extra a. Words are powerful. They revolutionize. They sell.

To cut to the chase, why am I the right person for this role?

EdTech, SaaS, Remote Work, and PaaS are my go-to meals, but I find many niches digestible. I’m a proud generalist. With the objective to help businesses scale up, I blend quality, storytelling, and SEO expertise.

I feed on that fulfilling feeling when my works convert. Into leads. Sales. Smiles. Nagging thoughts. Actions.

Background: BA-English, with several creative nonfiction and fiction pieces printed somewhere. I write poetry, the kind Hallmark rejects.

Fun fact: I took a plane, three buses, and hiked for a day to get a tattoo from a heavily tattooed then-93-year-old woman who loved spouting sex jokes. Full essay here: https://medium.com/@jonabranzuelabering/whang-od-and-her-village-a0e7220a83bd

B2B Long-form content for a SaaS startup

Target audience: companies that might pilot/launch a subscription for their durable products